Your Search For Venture Capital is Officially Over.

At VenturesGained, we specialise in just one thing:  Helping businesses—from budding start-ups to multi-nationals—find and secure the funding they need to grow and thrive.  

In short:  We are matchmakers who help businesses save loads of time and money by helping them find and ultimately secure funding from Venture Capitalists (VC’s).  In fact, your search for funding ends with VenturesGained for three simple reasons:

  1. We Only Match You with VC’s That Suit Your Exact Needs:  Once we have your information, we quickly use it to search our database of more than 5,000 VC’s to identify only those that match your exact needs.  It doesn’t matter if you are a new start-up just looking for a small investor or an established larger company looking for one large or possibly several investors—VenturesGained matches your exact needs to VC’s who are both willing and able to provide your business with the venture capital it needs!
  2. Most Efficient Use of Your Time AND Money:  In just 48 hours or less from the time you give us your information, VenturesGained provides you with the full list of VC’s that match your exact needs—and all for just £149!
  3. We Provide You With the Tools You Need to Secure Your Capital:  As part of our service, VenturesGained also provides you with a number of specialised tools to secure both your interests and the new capital your business needs, including:
    • Legal Documents Including NDA’s and Others to Protect Your Business Ideas, Designs, and Inventions
    • Professional Proposal Designs:  We have a wide range of fully tested and effective Proposal Design templates for you to choose from and use to help secure your venture capital.
    • Proposal Writing Guides, Videos and Additional Resources:  After helping 1000’s of business secure the capital they need, our guides and resources are specifically designed to help you find and secure vital business funding.

Collectively, the management team at VenturesGained has several decades of relevant business experience and we’ve already helped 1000’s of business secure the vital capital they need.   Within 48 hours after receiving your information, we will personally search and find any and all VC’s in our system that match your exact needs. 

In addition, VenturesGained provides a wide range of specifically designed tools and resources to help you create winning proposals and secure funding for your business—and all for one low flat-fee!

See For Yourself How Easy We Make it For You To Not Only Find Eager Investors for Your Business—But Also How to "Close the Deal" as Well!

You Are Just 4 Steps Away From Securing the Funding Your Business Needs

Step 1:  Sign Up for Service

To help match you to VC’s in our database, we will need some basic information from you about your business.  After entering in your information and setting up your account, you will be given immediate access to a full range of tools and resources to help you write more effective VC proposals and secure more funding for your business.   

Step 2:  Make Payment and Create Your Proposal (Optional)

After paying your one-time fee of just £149, you can create your proposal online using our specially designed business templates.  All business templates are professionally designed by our staff of senior designers and have already been widely tested and accepted by investors—so we KNOW they get results!  But if you already have your proposal or just want to receive your Personalised VC list, just proceed to Step #3!

Step 3:  Receive Your Personalised VC List

With your data in hand, we will comb through our entire database of more than 5,000 VC’s until we find those that match your specific funding and investment criteria.  It doesn’t matter what stage of development your business is in or where it’s located—VenturesGained will return results that match your exact needs.

Step 4:  Send Newly Minted Proposal To Targeted VC’s

Simply select which VC’s (if not all) you wish to target and then send off your newly minted and specially designed proposal—its just that easy!  Remember, VenturesGained also provides an extensive collection of tools, pitch tips, and video resources to help you customize each proposal for maximum success!

Not Quite Time to Search for VC’s But Still Want Move Forward and Create a “Killer Proposal” That Will Secure Funding the Minute You Are Ready?

Then Sign-Up Below to Gain Instant Access to Our Complete Guide to Securing Venture Capital Funding—Absolutely FREE!

That’s right—even if you are not ready to have us search and identify VC’s that suit your exact needs, you can still move forward today and start creating that “Killer Proposal”!  Our Guide to Securing Venture Capital Funding includes:

Not only will these tools and resources save you LOADS of precious time and energy—but they have been specifically designed and tested to maximize your chances of success for securing funding.  Each and every tool/resource was designed, created, and tested based upon our extensive experience with more than 5,000 VC’s.  The Guide to Securing Venture Capital Funding is valued at more than £150 but you will have immediate access to all the tools and resources Absolutely Free!

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